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February 14, 2012
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I was walking towards the church. My uncle would marry in a few minutes and I didn't want to be late. 'Hey Dave.' My niece said to me.
'What's up?' I asked.
'Oh, we're in a huge stress because of everything.' She responded. I nodded.

My niece is called Amy, she's nice, very nice actually. She's smart and funny and I didn't even mention her gorgeous body. Her face looks cute with big blue eyes and brown hair that reached her lower back. Everything about her is nice and if she wasn't my niece I would've asked her out.

I walked along to one of the bigger rooms were some people were talking to each other. After saying hello to most people I tried to sneak out to one of the smaller rooms at the side of the church.
The people in the bigger rooms were just boring and I didn't want to be here. Today was my first anniversary on DeviantArt and I wanted to see what would happen. Probably nothing but with all the commotion around the TGscene and my recent ban I wanted to see if anyone would notice.

Suddenly the door flew open and my niece walked in. We both shocked a little and I became bright red. She smiled at me.
'Trying to sneak out?' She asked.
I nodded regretful.
'Me too.' She said with a broad smile. 'What are you doing?'
'Oh,' I said. 'Just checking my DA account.'
She nodded.

'You know?' She asked.
'Everyone who is involved in the TG scene will change at his birthday.' She said.
I looked at her in surprise. 'Not many people know about that, it's supposed to be a myth.'
She shook her head. 'I thought so too.'
I gave her a weird smirk but she continued talking.
'You know at what time you've uploaded your first story?' She asked. I shook my head again.

'It must've been around this time, somewhere in the afternoon.' I said to her. I looked up in horror as I connected the dots. 'Are you saying?' I asked.
She nodded.
We both kept silence until I heard a small sound coming from my IPod.
I looked at it, a little message was on the display.


Happy first year, Dave.

All the TG-writers.

A beam of light shot from my iPod and I fell down on the ground.
I fiercely blinked my eyes to gain vision again but everything kept moving in front of my eyes.
I shook my head to get it clear again as I felt something move on top of it. My niece was pulling at something but I couldn't really see what it was.

Eventually she pulled a giant mirror from a closet and she put it in front of me, after that she helped me on my feet and slowly my vision returned.
I could see that my hair was growing, it was straight now instead of my usual curls and it had been turning into a different colour. My eyes had changes too. Eyelashes had become longer and mascara was put on them for some reason. My eyebrows seemed to be perfectly manicured.

The changes spread all over my face and changed my nose and lips. My nose shrunk down and to compensate my lips swelled out to become perfectly kissable lips.
Cheekbones arose a little bit to make a more prominent feature and my jaw line softened out so that I would look more girlish.

I brought my hands up to my neck and saw that the changes had already covered my hands. They looked soft and small, way smaller than they had been before. Not that I ever had big hands but now they looked like real girl hands. A little bit of red nail polish appeared on them, not enough to give them a sexy appeal but just about the right amount to make them accentuated.

My wrists looked smaller too and I looked at my arms as the muscles left, again, they weren't that muscled but I was proud on the strength I had and now it was all fading away like it had never been there.

My hair had grown even more and it had become bright purple even though it didn't seem like I had dyed it. It looked like my natural hair colour.
After my arms and face had changed I felt my feet beginning to itch. I to move them around a bit to lessen the itching feeling and it worked. The problem was that I didn't know if it was because the itching stopped or because my feet had somehow become completely different feet.

My waist clung inwards and I coughed a couple of times after which my Adam's apple had gone.

'Amy, do you know what will happen next?' I asked as the changes seemed to slow down a little. My voice sounded sweet like honey and I liked it. I mean, under circumstances this was not so bad. I could've gotten a smokers voice.

Amy didn't answer but I didn't have to wait very long for my answer. The boyish frame I still had left disappeared as my shoulders caved in, giving my frame a different look. I looked like a 10 year old girl with mature facial features now.

That changed as I felt my chest starting to itch. I growled when a small wave of pain hit me and I felt the fat from my waist being pushed upwards to my chest. In seconds, my nipples had pushed themselves against my suit and fat was building up behind them. I watched in awe as my boobs grew.

I felt knees buckling and I fell on the ground as something in my legs shifted. My hips seemed to have become broader and as I sat on the ground, I felt myself being lifted a little bit by the inflating cushion under me. That cushion was my ass.

I jumped into the air as I noticed it and I grabbed my ass, making myself moan a little bit. It felt so plump and squishy.

My thighs had been inflating too and suddenly I felt something pull at my privates. I yelped and tied to grab them but I was too late. I felt a sucking feeling at my dick and after that a gurgling sound. Estrogen started to pump trough my system and suddenly I felt crazy hot at my breasts and pussy. I couldn't believe the feeling but I had to suppress it for as long as Amy was looking at me.

Although I suppressed the heavenly feeling I couldn't stop myself from moaning loud and long.

Amy giggled a bit and I looked at her in shame. I looked at my reflection and saw a beautiful young and admittedly sexy girl standing at the other side of the glass. The only flaw was that she was wearing a way too big suit.

As if the gods had heard me the suit started to change. Slowly, my sleeved disappeared and the rest started to turn white.

I felt my boxers fitting tightly against my new gender and I moaned softly.

The tissue cling around my waist and showed my hourglass figure perfectly. I looked at my pants but they were gone. In there place I was wearing a marvelous white dress which almost seemed like the dress the bride would wear.
It was quite frilly.

My shirt diminished and fit itself around my breasts. They felt heavy as the had no support from a bra. This was a strapless dress which showed some of my cleavage.

My hair was being pushed into a not and I rose a little from the ground as my sneakers turned into high heels.

Than all of a sudden it was done. I felt clear again and Amy was watching at me.

'That's something you don't see every day.' She said.
I didn't respond. I looked at myself in awe. A tear rolled down my cheek.

Thanks for this amazing year to all the readers and writers.
Happy first anniversary to myself :)

I'm sorry, I just liked to do this one.

Anyway, please click favorite and comment if you liked the story and if you really liked it than click watch.

Thanks :)
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